What’s in your bottled water?

You would think that a silly question and the answer be a no brainer, right??? Well, wrong on both counts. You should take a look at that bottle of water you picked up off the store shelf. They are not all the same.


Take this bottle of water that I grabbed recently. An ingredients list for this bottle of water should look like this:  Water!!! However, it actually looks like this.

Purified water, good
Magnesium sulfate, ?
Potassium Bicarbonate, really??
Potassium Chloride, wtf???

Let’s just look at these briefly –
Magnesium Sulfate – it is an inorganic salt which is a chemical compound and is commonly known as ‘Epsom Salt” – you know; the stuff you soak your achy feet in.
Potassium Bicarbonate – an odorless, colorless, salty substance that the FDA “generally recognizes as safe” – oh, and it is one of the items that made up the chemical compound found in a fire extinguisher!
Potassium Chloride – another odorless, colorless salt substance, and also a chemical compound. Potassium Chloride is best known as “muriate of potash” A name that is associated with “fertilizer”

This particular water was purchased from Sam’s Club, Distributed by Wal-Mart.

Bottom line, not all waters are created equal. Please pay attention to your bottled water. Know what you are drinking. And drink up!!

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? ~Satchel Paige

Interesting question right? I recently heard a comedian say, “we’ve all heard the saying, you’re as young as you feel. That’s crap… we are as old as we are” Those that know me, know that I speak what I feel, and I loved this joke, one because it was funny and two because it was the truth.

If you are forty and feel sixty, perhaps you should get out of the chair, put down the remote control and cheese doodles, and get moving. Whether it’s just a walk to the end of the block, tossing a ball with your kids, or going to the gym that you have has a membership to for 6 months and not used, just get started. Get started somewhere and stay moving.

It doesn’t matter what your age; age has nothing to do with who you are. Being healthy and active have no age limits. It is never too late to start the process of a better, healthier and most likely longer more active life. So think about that question again. How old you want to feel?

The Medicine Ball


Med balls, Exercise Ball, Fitness Ball…. No matter what you call it, this one piece of equipment is very versatile, and can really make you do the work. Med Balls are one of the oldest tools of strength and conditioning, dating back 3000 years ago when Persia used them to train wrestlers.  These nifty little balls – which are actually about shoulder width wide and can weigh up to 50 pounds – are very effective tools in plometric weight training and conditioning. Used mainly to strengthed the core, they have been known to be thrown into the abs of wrestlers to tighten them, used for injury rehabilition work and to prevent sports injuries, and get this; President Hoover’s physician created the game “Hooverball” using a med ball to help keep him fit.

So grab one of these balls and start moving!


The Time is Now.

We’ve put more effort into helping folks reach old age than into helping them
enjoy it.  ~Frank A. Clark

As our society spends more time and money on healthcare, discussing the costs, medicare and what we should do with our aging population, I become more dumb-founded that many of our individual selves do not take this situation into our own hands.

Please note…

  • learn better nutrition (which is extremely easy)
  • get exercise
  • enjoy a more active lifestyle, spend less time being complacent

This can start at any age! Because we are 40, 50 or even 60 years old it is not too late to start preparing for the second half of our lives. Our bodies can carry us for many years, however we need to respect it. Give it proper fuel, create a strong foundation and we have a solid base for being able to proceed into our mature years strong, fit and healthy. Whether you are 25 or 50, the time is now.

Live Strong!


The Age of Strength

My passion is working with the “Masters” community. In other words, the over 40 crowd, and strong women. I have often heard statements like, “I am too old to start working out”, “I am getting to old to keep working out”. And then there are these from the ladies; “women shouldn’t be lifting weights”, “lifting weights will bulk me up and make me look masculine”

As a coach and a person that works out regularly several days a week, two of those in strength lifting, I am here to tell you that all of these statements are wrong!  At 50 years old I deadlift 260 lbs, and back squat 200 lbs. I am not covered in muscles, nor am I ripped to the max. However, what I do have is strength to pick up pretty much anything I need and want to; energy and stamina to get me up in the morning and drive me through the day; confidence in my day to day life; and the knowledge and ability to say that I am healthier and stronger in many more ways now, at 50, than I was when I was 25 years ago.

If are one of those people that have ever thought or said any of those opening quotes, I urge you to make a change.

It doesn’t matter who you use as your motivational leader, as long as you simply get up, put some effort into it and…

live strong!



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